Qualifications to produce a Registered
North American Spotted Haflinger
    First Generation Nash Foals    


Must be a registered APHA Homozygous Tobiano stallion.
Must have positive DNA papers.

All APHA Homozygous stallions must be sanctioned by the N.A.S.H. Horse Registry.
This approval is based on straightness of legs, quality of head and symmetry of body and manners.

License fee for three years: $30.00, which must be paid prior to any mares being serviced.


Must be a registered DNA approved Haflinger mare.

The resulting foal must have 200 square inches of white anywhere on the neck or body above the knee. White on the face or below the knee, or in the mane or tail cannot be used.

The foal must be registered in the year he or she is foal.

Registration Fee: $20.00

Failure to comply past the one year deadline: $100.00

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