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The NASH horse will have the size, speed and agility of the paint stallion,
with the disposition, beauty and endurance of the Haflinger mare.

The North American Spotted Haflinger does it all with style and color!
The Amish call the Haflinger a "Babysitter."

The North American Spotted Haflinger is truly;
"A Horse for all Seasons - A Horse for all Reasons!
Founder of the NASH Horse & Registry
J.P. Gantous
N.A.S.H. Registry
Marvin Yoder- Director at Large
Beth Jackenheimer- CEO/President
Patty Bodine-Secretary/Treasurer

January 13, 2023

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that N.A.S.H, North American Spotted Halflinger Registry announces the passing of our founder J.P. Gantous.

J.P. founded the registry in 2006 from his love of the Paint Stallion and the Halflinger Mare. With endurance of a Paint and the disposition of a Halflinger, J.P’s vision came to life. The N.A.S.H. registry has been going strong and expanding to this day.

To the members of N.A.S.H. please bear with us as we come to terms with J.P’s passing and transition over to the upcoming changes. As of now, a Board of Directors is in place and the day to day operations will be handled by the CEO/President. New or renewal membership please contact CEO/President so the proper paperwork can be mailed. Same goes as any registering of Colts. Please keep in mind that registration are still pending approval and meet the guidelines set forth in N.A.S.H. It is the Board’s goal to keep cost at a minimal. However, with cost rising up in general, the fees could go up in the future.

Reminder, the fees are as follows:

1. Yearly $40

2. 3 Year $100

3. Lifetime membership $500

4. Exclusive options to lock in initials before or after name $75.00 ONE TIME fee, initials can never be duplicated

5. Member Registration per foal $20

6. Non Members Registration per foal $40

DNA testing:
(A) $40.00 Parental DNA
(B) $40.00 Color DNA
(C) $80 for both color and parental
*Procedure is to still request the DNA forms. Once forms are complete and payment is received the kit will be mailed to you. It is your responsibility to collect the hairs and submit them back to the Registry. N.A.S.H. registry has a contract through University of Kentucky Genetic Testing Lab for these services. Upon receipt of Genetic Test Report from University of Kentucky, registration will be sent to owner along with a copy of the Genetic Test Report.

Our goals down the road for N.A.S.H. Board is to separate Secretary and Treasurer. Get 2 to 4 more Board members. Have quarterly meetings in person or Skype. Expand and utilize the N.A.S.H. website. By doing this we will have printable or electronic (eforms) available online, revamp the face book page, have merchandise available to purchase, and use as many resources as available to promote N.A.S.H.

Our hope is that we can continue J.P’s legacy and make the N.A.S.H. Registry bigger and better. Again, please be patient with us while we transition over to new leadership. This doesn’t happen over night and could take several months or more. Any questions or concerns please contact any Board Member and they will assist you.

Contact information is as follows:

CEO/President Beth Jackenheimer
225 Pearl Street Ashland, OH 44805
Facebook messenger under Beth Steward  

Patty Bodine
4530 Pritchard Ohltown Rd
Newton Falls, OH 44444

Director at Large
Marvin Yoder
5911 S. Kansas Applecreek, OH 44606
(330) 641-5106

J.P. May you Rest In Peace and we will take it from here. God Speed my friend.

Beth Jackenheimer CEO/President

For more Informatiom about the NASH Breed please contact us at: