North American Spotted Haflinger Registered Fillys
   2019 3-day old Red Ranger Filly
Owner Marty Hershberger 
   2019 7-day old Red Ranger Filly
Owner Danny Zook
  2019 2-day old Red Ranger Filly
Owner Dan Miller
  Registered 10 year old NASH mare.
Well schooled to saddle. Lots of trail time with kids.
Stands 54 inches.
(330) 620-5358
2018 first generation Palomino Filly
Owned by Stan Jones, Marion, N.C.
  The first splash white is a second generation Filly.
Owned by the Marvin Yoder family, of Apple Creek Ohio
pictured at 2 days old
This pair of seven-year old tri-color bay registered NASH mares sold as a a pair at the Mt. Hope sale 06/13/14
to Joseph and Becky LaRocca of Iowa, Louisana.