Qualifications to produce a registered North American Spotted Haflinger Foal Click Here
Crossing a DNA Homozygous Tobiano or Tovero stallion with a registered DNA Haflinger mare, will result in a foal which is then eligible for entry into the NASH registry. Thereafter, only NASH colts bred to NASH fillys will be allowed to carry on the breed.

Only foals born from DNA homozygous Tobiano or Tovera stallions that are in the NASH registry will be eligible for registration.

Foals sired by APHA homozygous stallions that are not registered in the NASH registry will not be eligible for registration.

All stallion fees for the three year license must be paid prior to any mares being serviced with the stallion.

All Nash colts will be inspected at both one and two years of age to determine whether they will remain a stallion or be gelded. Upon inspection, if the colt has been determined to be a gelding it will be up to the owner to decide to geld or not. If the owner chooses to let him remain a stallion, he will be given his stallion papers, but the horse will not be eligible to have foals in the NASH registry.

Mares and Stallions may be bred at any age at the owner's discretion. All registered NASH stallions and mares must have a DNA certificate for eligibility.

Foals sired by approved NASH stallions must have their three year licensing fee paid prior to servicing any registered NASH mares.

Foals born sired by NASH stallions whose fees are not paid will not be eligible for registration.


First Offense:

3 year loss of ALL privileges in the NASH Registry. All foals from full sibling breeding will never be given
NASH registration papers. All other NASH mares bred to this Stallion will not receive registration during
this 3 year period. This Stallion will loose all rights to be bred with outside mares for the same period.
All outside mares bred to this Stallion will receive registration.

Second Offense:

Loss of ALL NASH privileges for life. The member or members and all NASH that are owned by the above
will be removed from the NASH registry for life. All outside mares bred to this Stallion prior to suspension
will receive registration.
Please contact us by phone for a complete copy of the bilaws or for membership information.
Days: 330-620-5358